Karl Marx

Paraphrasing Karl Marx nowadays one can rightly wonder: is any Communist haunting specter still out there? Whether it is a specter – actually more like an altright KKK affiliate – or a more fashionable zombie we believe yes and moreover, we affirm it is walking not alone along a still existing Shining Path yet among the squalor left behind as sole trademark legacy by neoliberalism and technocrats.

Communistic society

Even if commodified by plastic eyelashes or mediated by screens made by exploited coltan and quartz, the gaze flies and finds a range of comrades with compelling new old outlooks not bend by evil forces or by self-pity but more combative because now it is clearer than ever that we need to reorganize quickly in the society 4.0.

Manifest, ideas and films

And it is that communist gaze or the gaze focusing communism we want to experience in its contemporary variety and diversity by claiming its existence at any rate in the daily thoughts and in the vast array of real existing brand-new, cutting-edge vs oldfashioned and nostalgic, solid or even volatile experiments. Let's gaze out in search of the legacy after a tragic ostensible sunset it will be manifest also to nonbelievers and detractors that the Manifest is very much alive and present. A lighthouse in the obfuscating haze caused by the polluted air emanated by obscuring powers and oppressive elites and repressive political power. Show to the world your contribution to the analysis and comprehension of the communist phenomena at the CIFF, celebrating the communist outlook around the anniversary of the October Revolution!

Call for entries

Welcome to the ProToPost - Communism International Film Festival! Submit your feature film, short movie or documentary today and join the first film festival dedicated to communism and related topics.